Braces & Orthopedic Appliances

Braces are teeth appliance that can straighten crooked teeth in your mouth. Braces come in different types, both for kids and teenagers. Headgear is a dental treatment that creates forces that guides the growth of the face and jaws. It is useful for moving teeth into better positions. If you have teeth that are not well positioned, headgear treatment is your best bet. Are your teeth shifting away from their positions? Removable appliances will help to hold them in their right places. Retainers help to keep your teeth in its new place until your gums, bones and muscles adjust to the new teeth positions. Frankel II Orthopedic Appliance is an orthopedic appliance that is used to create more space for permanent teeth to come up by enlarging the arches. It helps the lower jaw to align with the upper and lower teeth. An expander helps to widen the upper jaw. It produces a correct bite, easy breathing and a straighter teeth. Traction therapy is used to correct recessed upper jaw and pronounced lower jaw problem. It corrects the width of the upper jaw and also enables it to move freely. Invisalign is a dental treatment for correcting crowding/spacing that does not require movement of the roots. Active retainer helps to align the teeth by providing pressure to particular areas of each tooth.

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