Though effective in application, orthodontic headgears are seldom used these days. However, there are some patients whose cases require the use of a headgear, which helps guide the development of the jaws and face. With headgears, teeth can be made to move into better positions, or not to move out from their present good position. Dr. Waters makes use of headgears for the correction of early underbites. The headgear helps project the top jaw forward in order to meet up with the rate of growth of the bottom jaw. We welcome any question you may have about the proper use of headgears in orthodontic treatment. We also offer a free consultation in this regard. You can contact us to book an appointment.

If a headgear has been prescribed for you, the responsibility lies on you to make good use of it so that you can get the total health benefits. You must ensure you adhere strictly to all instructions relating to its use, because failure to do so will result in a longer treatment period and may even require a modification of the treatment plan. Below are some guidelines on the use of orthodontic headgear:

  • Do not lift the headgear over your face.
  • Do not take off the headgear unless the elastics/straps have been detached.
  • Do not be in a hurry to take off your headgear. This must be done gently and carefully. Any forceful removal can cause serious injury to your face, eyes, cheeks, and lips.
  • Take off your headgear if you are going to be involved in any sports activity.

Always have your headgear at your appointments. This will enable Dr. Waters examine its condition and guide you on how to clean it if it gets dirty.

Your teeth may be tender for the first few days of wearing your headgear. This tenderness will disappear as you adjust to the new pressures.

Let Dr. Waters know if you continue to be uncomfortable for more than a few days. Wearing headgear is necessary for your treatment. Follow the instructions exactly and you will complete your treatment without any changes in your treatment plan.

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