Orchestrate Invisible Aligners


Bringing Contemporary Orthodontics into the 21st Century without sacrificing control or out-sourcing your care”

After 20 years with Invisalign, Orthodontists have finally introduced their own clear Specialist-only aligner system that addresses some of the concerns with other systems and gives full control of tooth movement to your local doctor.


Orchestrate3D allows your doctor to create digital files of your teeth locally, and different than other systems, places your digital file on his/her own computer. Instead of having a separate company sometimes using foreign technicians (Clear Correct is based in Austin, TX however Invisalign is based in Costa Rica) determine tooth movements which are then just checked off by your doctor (or an assistant), Orchestrate3D allows your Orthodontist to make every movement in whatever sequence he/she knows works best and to whatever degree they feel best.


Orchestrate allows for trays to be made in your doctor’s office for fast turn around and allows multiple trays to be made for more difficult movements (or lost/weakened trays) at little to no cost. Teeth that show poor movement (as is common with some movements in aligners) can be re-addressed in the software and new trays made immediately; full courses of treatment trays are not made in advance, instead your doctor can make a few trays at a time to make sure the movements are proceeding as planned before going to the next trays and committing money for trays that may not fit. Also, trays can be made with different strengths or elastic properties to suit specific movements. Partial arch trays can be used to back up or work in conjunction with traditional braces (or separate arches), simple relapse can be addressed from casts on record, and difficult teeth can be over-corrected based on your doctor’s experience as opposed to an untrained technician.

With this powerful new program designed by a practicing Orthodontist and tested by high profile accredited Orthodontists who were experienced in different tray systems, your Orthodontist has more control, more options and the ability to incorporate more of his or her actual experience in moving teeth to a clear aligner tray system.

There are limitations to treatment and case selection is important in achieving success; not every case can or should use Orchestrate3D or clear aligners in general (Invisalign specifically). Aligners have been shown to have significant limitations with success rates of specific tooth movements averaging in the 20% to 40% range (see the tab marked “Does Invisalign Work?”). Orchestrate overcomes several of the pitfalls of other aligners by giving your experienced Orthodontic specialist more control and more options to provide you with a beautiful smile.

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