Our Philosophy

Dr. Waters' practice philosophy is to provide the public with the highest level of specialty care for all ages, including growth modification and enhancement (orthopedics) for children ages six to ten, tooth alignment (orthodontics) for adolescents ages 11 to 17, and tooth alignment with or without jaw alignment for adults ages 15 to 65. Special focus is placed on prevention of very serious adult dental problems with interceptive treatment in the growing child. Dr. Waters personally treats every patient at each visit and his schedule is limited based on his time, not based on the amount of available patients. Even though there may be a short waiting period prior to treatment, it is the opinion of this office that quality should remain paramount. Patients are always treated as individuals and their respective treatment plans optimized to address their unique and specific needs. Following successful treatment, each patient is followed for at least two additional years to assure the correction remains stable.

Dr. Waters is always available to discuss treatment progress and address inquiries and his personality and integrity will immediately put you at ease with treatment. If you are searching for a highly-skilled, board-certified orthodontist who will treat you and/or your children as family, then Dr. Waters is ready to work with you in providing a lasting and beautiful smile.

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