Patient Information

Want to know our Mission Statement? We offer the finest quality Orthodontic treatment in a caring environment.

Are you planning your First Visit to our clinic? We will ensure you have a pleasant and informative visit. We will professionally address the needs of you or your child's dental health.

Although, we offer many different types of dental services, we will try our best to make sure your waiting time is minimized and that you stay on Schedule.

Do not allow your Financial status to deprive you of a beautiful smile. We offer different kinds of payment options such as 0% financing with monthly payments for the duration of your treatment. We also provide discounts for patients who pay with check or in cash.

We work with our patients to maximize their Insurance compensation for covered procedures.

You need to follow our home care instructions after your treatment, in order to experience maximum success in your dental procedures. These include, brushing, eating habits, checking of braces and elastics, removable appliances etc.

Proper brushing and flossing keeps your smile pretty and healthy. It helps you to prevent diseases, some of which can be life threatening.

You need to know different kinds of First Aid dental treatment in case of an emergency, such as a situation where you swallow a piece of your appliance, rubber spacer falling out, retainer cracking, sore teeth, etc.

You can get in touch with us during our office hours. In case of an emergency situation, we will try as much as possible to attend to you urgently.

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