Crowding & Spacing of the Teeth

Crowding of the Teeth

Crowding is the opposite of spacing. It happens when there is inadequate space in the jaws to fit all the teeth. The teeth are tightly packed together and may become crooked or misaligned. The tooth/jaw ratio is not proportional, with the teeth bigger than the available jaw space. Crowding of the teeth could be because of late/early loss of primary teeth, or the abnormal eruption of teeth.

Reasons why crowding should be corrected:

  • It causes tooth decay
  • It encourages gum diseases
  • It produces ugly smiles
  • It promotes loss of good teeth function
  • It makes some teeth inaccessible for good cleaning

Orthodontic correction of crowding of the teeth

Enlargement of the dental arches, reshaping of the teeth, and selective teeth extraction can be used to create more space. After gaining the space, braces are then used to align the teeth properly and hinder further crowding. Correction of teeth crowding helps in promoting good dental health because plaque that usually forms within inaccessible areas can be properly removed.

Spacing of the Teeth


This is simply a condition where there are lots of space in the dentition, which gives rise to gaps between the teeth. Factors responsible for the spacing of the teeth include misalignment of the bottom and lower jaws, impacted teeth, protruding teeth, missing teeth, and irregularity in attached gum tissues. Spacing happens when the available space is greater than the teeth occupying it.

Reasons why spacing should be corrected:

  • It results in ugly smiles
  • It causes loss of good teeth function
  • It causes gums problems due to the exposed teeth

Orthodontic correction of spacing of the teeth

The spacing of the teeth is corrected by aligning the teeth properly inside the dental arch. This is done by bringing the teeth closer together.

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