Impacted & Missing Teeth

Impacted Teeth

Any tooth, which sprouts only partially and not fully into the mouth, is said to be impacted. This is usually because of bad alignment of a newly developing tooth. Though the most common example of impacted teeth are the wisdom teeth, premolars and canines are also susceptible to impaction. Other causes that give rise to impacted teeth are teeth crowding, and loss of primary teeth very early in life. It is important that the condition be corrected as early as possible in order to prevent other attendant problems from coming up. This problem should be corrected because it can:
  • Loss of good teeth functions
  • Damage to the root structure of nearby teeth
  • Loss of symmetric teeth alignment
  • Sinus cavity interference
  • Premature teeth wear
  • Unsightly spaces
impacted-teeth Orthodontic correction of impacted teeth? Usually the impacted tooth is exposed over the course of a few months and brought into the correct position of the mouth. Correction of impacted teeth may involve a minor surgical procedure performed by an oral surgeon working closely with our practice. This will allow us to then guide eruption of the impacted tooth into proper position.

Missing Teeth

This is a dental condition where there is lack of teeth where they should ordinarily be. Factors like lack of growth, trauma, etc. could be the cause. It is important that the condition is treated and corrected immediately after detection; this is to prevent other associated problems that can arise. This problem should be corrected because it can: missing-teeth
  • Premature teeth wear
  • Dental arch collapse
  • Less appealing smiles
  • Loss of good teeth functions
  • Loss of symmetric teeth alignment
How can missing teeth be orthodontically corrected? Each case is unique and must be attended to on its own merits. Therefore, with respect to the nature of the problem, the space can either be enlarged for tooth replacement, or closed using braces. Tooth replacement options can be in the form of dental implants, or a bridge.

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