Orthodontic Treatments

Common Orthodontic Corrections in Adults & Children

Orthodontics is a specialized part of dentistry, which deals on the diagnosis and correction of dental and similar facial abnormalities. Orthodontic treatments produce remarkable changes in patients such as beautiful smiles, improvement of self-esteem, good oral and dental health, overall improvement in general well being etc. Before any orthodontic treatment are carried out, it is advisable to examine the patient to ascertain the cause of the problem. The causes to look out for are those of environmental and genetic factors. This is necessary in order to determine the most appropriate treatment plan to execute. The examination includes dental x-rays, photography, and obtaining dental impressions of the patient. Concerning the seriousness of the condition and age of the patient, an orthodontic treatment can span a period of 6 to 30 months. Excellent results and recovery time will also depend on how the patient adheres to our post treatment guidelines. Our aim is to offer you the best of our professional services so that you can reach your orthodontic goals.

Treatment Timing

Our patients include children, teenagers, and adults, and Dr. Waters is responsible for administering orthodontic treatments to them. We strictly adhere to all the rules and regulations as stipulated by the AAO (American Association of Orthodontists), among which the most important is the recommended early orthodontic examination for all children from the age of six. With this early examination, the orthodontist will be better informed to determine the right time to start any orthodontic treatment. With the modern technology at our disposal, we now have several improvement treatments for patients aged seven to eleven, especially in the area of jaw abnormalities. In addition to helping hinder the worsening of some situations, early treatment during a child's growing years helps in getting results that may be hard to get in adulthood when the jaw bones have completely developed. Another benefit of an early orthodontic treatment is that other types of future treatments, surgical interventions, and teeth extraction are either simplified or eliminated.

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