Overbite or Deepbite

overbite Overbite, also known as deepbite manifests as a Class II teeth bite, where the top or bottom jaw does not grow normally. Here, the top front teeth projects out far more than the bottom front teeth. When this occurs, the bottom incisors become completely hidden. This condition is because of excess growth in the bone that anchors the teeth, and because of several unusual eruptions of the front teeth. Reasons why overbite should be corrected:
  • Promotes joint/jaw problems
  • Causes loss of good teeth function
  • Hinders the growth of the bottom jaw
  • Causes an unattractive smile
  • Promotes rapid wear of the bottom front teeth
  • Promotes gum tissue problems when the bottom front teeth bite into the top palate gum tissue
Orthodontic correction of overbite Correction of overbite can be achieved by repositioning the front teeth upwards and making the back teeth to open up. This will eliminate the overbite and align the teeth properly.

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