Class II Overjet


Overjet is a type of excessive top front teeth protrusion. This occurs when the bottom front teeth are located very far behind the top front teeth. The condition manifests as Class II teeth bite and is caused by missing bottom teeth, incorrectly aligned molars, widened top incisors, imbalance in the skeletal structure of the top and bottom jaw, or all of the above. Other factors that can aggravate an overjet condition include several bad oral habits such as orofacial disorder (tongue thrusting) and thumb/finger sucking.

Reasons why overjet should be corrected include:

  • Premature teeth wear
  • Loss of good teeth functions
  • Unattractive smile
  • It promotes temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders

Orthodontic correction of overjet

An overjet correction procedure is dependent on the age of the patient. For adults who have stopped growing, extreme cases can be corrected by extracting the teeth, or through surgical intervention to push the bottom jaw forward. For young patients that are still growing, bone balance can be achieved through modification of its growth, with the use of elastics and/or any appropriate intra-oral device.

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