Class III Underbite

Underbite occurs because of the bottom front teeth that projects far ahead of the top front teeth. This manifests as a Class III teeth bite where there is excess growth of the bottom jaw, insufficient growth of the top jaw, or a combination of both. Other causes of underbite include missing bottom teeth, widened top incisors, or both. It is advisable that underbite is corrected as soon as it is detected in order to prevent other associated problems from occurring.

These other problems include:

  • Unattractive smile
  • Low self-esteem
  • Joint and jaw disorders
  • Difficulty in eating/chewing
  • Early teeth wear
  • Loss of good teeth functions
  • More growth of the bottom jaw

Orthodontic correction of underbite

Correction procedures for underbite largely depend on the age of the patient. For greater success, it is important start any jaw growth modification procedure as early as seven years of age. This is when the facial bones are still flexible to be worked on. In addition to growth modification, other correction procedures include tooth extraction, and surgical intervention to push the bottom jaw backwards.

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